This is a sample of works presented in roughly reverse chronological order.

Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1
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A YouTube video browser shown on NVIDIA's Tegra development platform at NVISION '08. This was developed by two programmers in about four weeks (with contributions from an artist).


I was architect of NVIDIA's first 3D compositing user interface demo created for the GoForce 5500. This was developed by two programmers (with contributions from a graphic designer) in about four months. Video here. This was just before the iPhone came out.


The GoForce 5500 didn't support programmable shaders, but it did support surprisingly powerful register combiners. I generalized another engineer's 2D ripple effect to work in the 3D perspective case. Video here.


I built the rendering engine used for the handheld graphics demo shown here. It supports joint and target animation, and interestingly enough, uses fixed-point math exclusively.

atlantis - 3atlantis - 2atlantis - 1
atlantis - 6atlantis - 5atlantis - 4

A submarine video game demo for handheld markets.

welder - 2welder - 3
welder - 4welder - 1

This was a demo that ran on hardware intended for pachinko machines. Modern pachinko has an element of play similar to a video slot machine, and this was an attempt to take this in an unconventional direction. Press the button and the two robot arms weld randomly-selected astrological symbols onto the spinning plate. The sky painting and the welding table were provided by an artist, but I did the rest (robot textures, foreground mountains, spinning plate, symbols, sparks).


An experiment in a neon sign effect.


I created the smoke and the sparks used in NVIDIA's vulcan demo.


I created several video effects demos that would take a live video image and do something interesting with them. One effect allowed the user to 'crack' the video image as if it were broken glass. The cracks are algorithmically generated and different every time. Screenshots of other effects here.


Here are a few demos from the days when one could sometimes get away with programmer art. Click on the image for a video.


This is Mister Map, used by Dan Rather during the '96 elections. I was the principal programmer.


And although it was in the days of stone knives and bearskins (I was a teenager at the time), for those who might recognize it, I wrote the original SGI insect demo.