Member of Technical Staff, Toyota Research Institute

Automated driving.

Senior Software Engineer, Quanergy

Architect and primary author of in-house point cloud library. The library leverages features of modern C++ (variadic templates, move semantics) to provide an alternative to the PCL that is safer, more efficient, and more expressive. Technical lead of in-house build system that uses Python to extend Catkin to support each Catkin package as its own Git repository.

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Telenav

Architect and primary author of real-time navigation map rendering engine. The engine is shipping in multiple smart-phone and in-dash navigation systems. Mentored other programmers and fostered valuable engineering contributions.

Senior Software Developer,
Sonic Mule

Created real-time 3D graphics content for iPhone application.

Software Engineer,
CommandScape LLC

Ported sailing yacht control systems to Mac OS X from Red Hat 9. Project demanded skill at the use and configuration of both operating systems as well as the need to quickly acquire working knowledge of an eclectic set of tools and services (OpenSLP, NFS, NTP, DNS, Macports, Xerces XML, etc.).

Handheld Developer Technology,

Created programs for demonstrating the capabilities of NVIDIA products for handheld and mobile devices. Wrote libraries, utilities, and software development kits to assist third-party developers. Contributed to the design and formal specification of a 3D compositing window manager framework for submission to the Khronos Group to augment the OpenKODE windowing API. Presented sponsored sessions at Korea Games Conference 2006 and Game Developers Conference 2007.

Demo Group,

Created programs for demonstrating the capabilities of NVIDIA graphics, video, and audio hardware. Developed novel vertex/fragment shader algorithms.

Shoreline Studios


Created real-time 3D graphics for live television broadcast. Projects included Mr. Map and the Dan Rather Control Center used in CBS's '96 election coverage, ESPN's VRX used in the Winter and Summer X Games, and the Fox Box used in Fox's coverage of baseball and football.

Senior Show Designer,
Walt Disney Imagineering

Co-creator of a virtual reality implementation of Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Designed and implemented Story Animation Language, an interactive virtual-reality scenario scripting language implemented on top of Chez Scheme and C++.

Member of Technical Staff,
Silicon Graphics

Co-creator of a modular C++ application development kit and IrisGL-based user-interface toolkit (Flexkit). Wrote audio processing tools and demos.

Technical Marketing,
Silicon Graphics

Created programs and sample code for demonstrating and benchmarking the capabilities of SGI's graphics workstations. Provided technical support for trade shows and sales offices in the U.S. and Japan.